They are comical, clumsy and very eye-catching in their black and white dress.

In 1982 two breeding pairs of African penguins (once known as Jackass penguins thanks to the braying sound they make) moved into prime beachfront estate at Boulders beach, between Simonstown and Cape Point. Today there are over 3 000 of these birds living here and the area is now a National Park. Penguins can be viewed up close as they frolic in the water and waddle on land. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is watching who.

You’re likely to see penguin pairs strolling along the boardwalks and in the park. This is the one place in the world you will be able to swim and sunbathe with penguins. In a survey done by the BBC, Boulders Beach was rated one of the five best beaches to visit before you die. All in all, a great place to meet the locals.