Table Mountain is one of South Africa’s greatest landmarks and towers 1,086m above the City of Cape Town.

It is visible from as far as 200 km out to sea on clear days and is often covered with cloud called the tablecloth. A revolving cable car carries visitors up and down in about five minutes and numerous walking and hiking paths lead up and across Table Mountain. Spectacular views of the city, the Cape peninsula, the coastline and the ocean can be seen from 11 viewpoints on the summit.

Table Mountain is more than a place of dramatic scenic beauty, it is also a place of richly diverse flora. Over 1,470 plant species occur on the mountain, more than in the British Isles. Complimenting this is the fauna such as the Table Mountain Ghost Frog that is found nowhere else in the world. Consider yourself the poorer if you did not see Cape Town from this majestic mountain.


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