Clovelly Golf Course in prime condition

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 30th, 2010

Nestled in the pristine and tranquil Silvermine Valley, close to Fish Hoek in Cape Town and less than 30 minutes drive from Beaumont House, lies Clovelly Country Club. With one of the finest golf courses in South Africa, Clovelly offers its members and visitors a memorable experience.

Clovelly – like fine Cape wines – improves steadily with age, and its vintage and quality is well established throughout South Africa, and indeed, beyond our shores. This reputation is founded on the warmth of Clovelly’s “family” character, its outstanding facilities, and steps  taken, such as opening the Club to all irrespective of race, creed or gender, to ensure that Clovelly truly reflects the high ideal of its motto: “Fraternitas Ludorum”.

Clovelly has always been one of the most popular clubs in the Western Cape. A robust membership profile ensures that the club thrives from sporting, competitive, social and financial perspectives.

Clovelly is one of the most frequently visited courses. Visitors from as far as Thailand and Ireland frequent the fairways, and tour groups from far flung corners of the world regularly repeat their visits because of the golfing experienced to be enjoyed in our pristine valley. Indeed, in some cases visitors from Europe spend up to six or eight months a year at the club.

Between the members and valued visitors some 60 000 rounds are played on the golf course each year. One can see why it is necessary to plan and book your rounds in advance. Even though the amount of rounds is high, the course is consistently in good condition. The greens are respected around the world!

The golf course and facilities are consistently rated in the top fifty in the country by a leading panel of raters utilized in the annual South African “Compleat Golfer” survey of golf clubs. The results of this survey are published annually by the “Compleat Golfer”. Given that there are over 450 golf clubs in South Africa, this result is something of which the club is immensly proud and it continually seek ways to to improve standards, and indeed the golf course itself.

Potential course improvements are continuously reviewed, and if agreed to, are undertaken with minimal disruption to the course. The club vigorously applies a policy that the nature and characteristics of the course must never be changed; course changes must merely serve to enhance and improve the layout

Eagles Nest winery opens its doors to the public

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 29th, 2010

Some exciting new developments are happening up on the Eagles Nest wine farm, which is just a 10 minute drive from Beaumont House. First is that they are throwing open their doors to the public as of Monday 2nd August 2010. Demand for the wines has been incredible, so to meet these demands they felt the farm needed be open for wines sales and tastings on a permanent basis. So, as of the 2nd August they’ll be open Mondays-Fridays from 10am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-4pm, and closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Next, some excting new wines are coming on stream and should be released during the month of August 2010. The first is their baby called ‘The Little Eagle’, which is a 2008 blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It will sell for R65 off the farm. Another new wine is a premium Merlot-based blend called Verreaux (the correct name for the Black Eagle), also from the 2008 vintage and will sell for R145 per bottle. Lastly, a stunning 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from grapes sourced from two mind-blowingly good vineyards. A brilliant wine at R75 a bottle.

Cultural Tour of Robben Island, Cape Town

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 27th, 2010

Cultural Tour of Robben Island, Cape Town

Beaumont House’s guests to enjoy Myoga’s new menu

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 24th, 2010

Last evening we went to Myoga to try the newly launched 6 course tasting menu – and what a revelation it was! It was the best meal we have had during the whole of 2010 – and that’s saying something! Each course has five options and you also have the opportunity to pair each course option with wine. The tasting menu is a steal at R150 and for an additional R135 you get six wines as well. Take our advice go for the food and wine option.

Mike Bassett told us “The dishes are prepared with both the intricacy and simplicity that is fine fusion dining, and maintain the same high quality we are accustomed to. Despite rising food costs, the pricing structure will not be changing, and rest assured we will do our best to keep it that way.

The R135 wine pairing will remain, with a host of reputable wines carefully selected by our sommelier, Carl Heinz Habel”

The food at Myoga not only tastes good but looks extremey attractive.

At Beaumont House we pride ourselves on keeping up with the restaurant scene on behalf of our guests – but this tasting menu is by far the best value we have come across, and can’t recommend it highly enough. Thankfully our guests will be enjoying it very soon!

Wine Magazine Bordeaux blends public tasting

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 22nd, 2010

Yesterday evening, Wine Magazine hosted a public tasting in Cape Town of the top 10 Bordeaux blends for 2010. The person leading the tasting was Kevin Arnold from the Waterford Estate in Stellenbosch. Kevin expressed his strong opinion that one day in the not too distant future, South Africa will be able to match or even exceed the quality of red wine blends of even the first growths of Bordeaux, at a fraction of the price! What a prospect!

The wines tasted were as follows:

Manley Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (4*)

Morgenster Lourens River red 2006 (4 1/2*)

Rebus Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (4*)

Chamonix Reserve Troika 2007 (4*)

La Bri Affinity 2006 (4 1/2*)

Moreson Magia 2007 (4 1/2*)

Saronsberg Seismic 2006 (4*)

Zorgvleit Richelle 2006 (4*)

De Toren Fusion V 2007 (5*)

Waterford Estate CWG Auction Reserve 2005 (5*)

When asked by a memebr of the audience what his stand out wine of the tasting was, Kevin had no hesitation in responding with the De Toren Fusion V. I coudn’t agree more, and with some more bottle age this wine will be an absolute stunner.

Here is an image of the label of this iconic wine for those who want to buy some and lay it down for a few years. Stockists worldwide can be found  at

Luke Dale-Roberts to open new restaurant at the Old Biscuit Mill

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 21st, 2010


Luke Dale-Roberts has secured warehouse premises in Cape Town at Woodstock’s bustling Old Biscuit Mill (15 minutes from Beaumont House) as part of his vision to create a unique fine dining experience.

Named ‘The Test Kitchen’, it will be a creative space for Luke and his team to explore the relationship between art and food. Time will be split between developing new dishes, researching flavour combinations and designs, and of course operating an intimate dining venue offering guests something quite out of the ordinary.

In under four years as Executive Chef at La Colombe, Luke has taken the restaurant to 12th place at the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, picking up Eat Out’s Restaurant of the Year along the way, and the coveted Rossouw’s three star rating for the past two consecutive years. He has recently been appointed to a hands-on consultancy role at this renowned eatery.

In planning this project Luke has been working closely with some of South Africa’s most talented designers and artists in a collaborative effort to bring a wholly original sensory dining experience to the restaurant scene. Luke commented, “I wanted to put myself into a completely new environment, take myself out of my comfort zone. I have been spending a lot of time in the last few months with all kinds of artists.

This has been something new for me and totally inspiring. The more time I spent with them, the more I realised I wanted to try something new. This project is the realization of a vision that has been formed through the many experiences I have had before coming to South Africa, as well as during my time here. I am going to start again. Look at everything with a keener eye and take more time to enjoy the creative process”.

The Test Kitchen will open November 2010. During the first month of operation Luke will be entertaining exclusive groups of guests offering tailor made dining expeiences on a booking only basis. Following on from this The Test Kitchen will open its doors for lunch and dinner. Further information can be obtained by visiting or follow Luke on Twitter.

Miller’s Thumb restaurant for casual sea food in Cape Town

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 20th, 2010

Solly and Jane Solomon’s refreshingly-casual seafood restaurant in uptown Cape Town, Miller’s Thumb’s ever-changing chalkboard menu means that the customer, though reasonably assured of always finding something familiar, will just as surely find a couple of unlikely options.

Cajun and Creole dishes have their influence in this kitchen, as does a winning Japanese dish which must be tried at least once: ‘Yaki Soba’, a noodle dish with prawns, chicken and cashews, which has become a staple. There’s generally a pasta dish or two on the menu with interesting sauces, complemented by a good choice of wines.

Address: 10b Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof


Telephone: 021 424 3838

Hiking up Table Mountain is really rewarding

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 19th, 2010

There are plenty of ways to reach the top of Table Mountain, one of South Africa’s iconic landmarks. Whether you choose to walk, hike or ride to the top, one thing is for sure: You’ll experience some of the most breathtaking views in the world, of two great oceans and the beautiful city of Cape Town

For most visitors to the Cape, as well as many locals, conquering Table Mountain is an exciting feat. For the fit and adventurous, there are plenty of scenic hiking and walking trails, while for those who prefer a more leisurely ascent, the famous cable car offers a novel journey to the top. You could even combine the two by hiking to the top and treating yourself to a cable car ride back down.

Below, discover some of the best ways to explore Table Mountain on foot, via cable car, or even by bicycle. Whether you’re fit and fearless or simply seeking a scenic trip, there’s a route to the top for you! All ages and fitness levels are catered for, so be sure to visit Table Mountain next time you’re in the Cape.

View from the top: Best ways to reach the top of Table MountainThe most well-known route to the top of Table Mountain is via the cable car, which can be enjoyed by all ages. It offers spectacular 360° views over the city and its surrounding seas, and an effortless 5-minute journey to the top of the mountain. Once at the peak, visitors are able to enjoy refreshments at the restaurant, strolls along demarcated paths, and superb photographic opportunities afforded by the 1086m-high vantage point above the city.

For those with a taste for adventure, a hike to the top of Table Mountain is infinitely rewarding, and there are plenty of magnificent paths to choose from. Explore the front of Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge, a 3 to 4-hour hike, which traces the path of the original conquerors of Table Mountain. Until the mid-19th century, only a handful of intrepid explorers had managed to reach the summit on foot! This route offers wonderful views of Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head on either side of the mountain and, once at the peak, it’s just a short walk to the cable car station. Take a ride down in the cable car, or hike back down the mountain.

Alternatively, pick another popular route: Skeleton Gorge, via Maclear’s Beacon – the highest point on Table Mountain. This route starts in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and takes hikers on a charming trail from the back to the front of the mountain. Start with an easy walk through the botanical gardens before reaching the gorge, where you’ll will discover streams and shady forests, as well as rockfalls and ladders. Reaching the summit is highly rewarding, and here you’ll discover some of the best views of the city, all the way to Cape Point.

Another picturesque route is via Silvermine Nature Reserve, which offers fantastic views combined with plenty of fynbos and rock formations to admire. Karbonkelberg, meanwhile, is an easier, less-frequented hike that features dramatic views of the Atlantic and an eerie shipwreck. It’s a path favoured by locals and unknown to most visitors – thus considered one of the secrets of the Cape.

If you’re a visitor to the Cape or unfamiliar with the terrain, it’s recommended that you take a guided hike or walk when you visit Table Mountain. Beaumont House has selected one of the best guides around for your enjoyment and safety.

Table Mountain for adrenaline junkies

For those who want to get their blood rushing as they explore Table Mountain, there are some fantastic adventure activities on offer, including rock and sport climbing, abseiling, cycling and scrambling.

The abseil at the top of Table Mountain is the world’s highest commercial abseil, a 112-meter descent roughly 1062 meters above sea level. Scrambling is also a popular activity, and one that is suitable for adventure seekers of all ages. It involves easy rock climbing and boulder hopping, as well as negotiating trickier terrain. Mountain biking enthusiasts will find plenty of scenic and challenging routes on Table Mountain, and will especially enjoy the fantastic downhill cycling, which is not for the faint-hearted!

Unless you’re a professional, all of these activities should be enjoyed under the auspices of a qualified guide.

If you’re travelling to the Cape during the peak travel season of November to March, book your hike, guided walk or adventure activity in advance to secure your spot. Also be sure to check the weather conditions at the top of the mountain on the day that you’ll be visiting.

The old biscuit mill is great for organic produce

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 17th, 2010

Urban Sanctuary, Newlands, close to Beaumont House

Posted by peter | Articles | Posted on September 16th, 2010

The Urban Sanctuary – an urban oasis, Cape Town

Situated on the fringe of Claremont’s buzzing business district in Newland’s Village, 5 minutes from Beaumont House, The Urban Sanctuary, a state-of-the-art skin and body day spa, offers the perfect antidote to urban-life.

With a combination of swift treatments and longer day packages, this day spa certainly lives up to claims of being ‘an urban oasis’ for the fast-paced city slicker and busy executive and a great local spa for guests of Beaumont House.

The Urban Sanctuary believes that the key to this sought-after urban antidote is to create a place where science meets spirit and the complexities of life disappear in the simplicity of relaxation. And this they have achieved in perfect balance. Every therapy, every treatment, every service and facility is the very best giving back to the body what the city removes by healing and rejuvenating from the inside out.

Boasting a natural, clean-lined and modern interior, internationally trained therapists provide the latest therapies, including the Clarins Paris facial method, and with some of the 9 treatment rooms adapted to include Vichy Shower, Dr Kern Tan Can and a double treatment room, their skills are given the space to flourish.

To further enhance treatments and promote wellbeing, The Urban Sanctuary uses a unique combination of the internationally renowned Clarins product range and the Moya range – exclusively prepared products and oils from The Cape’s indigenous Fynbos, species master-minded by the owner of The Urban Sanctuary, Alison Rightford.


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